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"The state of our heart at the moment of applying paint to a canvas gets into the mix somehow. What our audience actually 'gets' when they regard our work is simply how we felt while we were doing it."

- Eleanor Blair

Ive always been passionate about art. When I was young I was happiest when I was sitting quietly, drawing cartoons all day.  As I grew older, my work grew with me, and with practice, I taught myself how to do detailed sketches. Now I draw whatever I find emotive and visually inspiring. My style is very eclectic, usually because I like to experiment with different techniques. I like using acrylics and drawing with pencil and inks, I especially like to sketch and then digitally paint or manipulate my artwork. Mainly I paint for pleasure, but I do commissions and have been involved in projects, including work for calendars, murals, caricatures and illustrations. I have had my work displayed in various shows, including 2 successful solo exhibitions in Aberdeens' Belmont Cinema.